Warner Family.

This is a perfect example of when I say I am only going to edit so many pics and I just CAN’T DO IT.

This family was just too adorable.  I couldn’t choose.  I refused.  So, they get them all.

If I could pick one word to describe these pictures I would pick Joy.  That is one of the many things our kiddos teach us, and it’s how to find joy in the little things.

Hope these bring a little joy to your day.


Loose Park Mini’s. 2018

Kansas City is beautiful in the Fall!  Call me basic, but it’s totally my favorite season.

Loose park was a hot spot this morning for fall photos, but I was lucky to take pics of these four gorgeous families.

Can’t wait to share the rest!



I had the privilege to take photos at this beautiful wedding.  This couple was nothing shy of amazing to work with.  This truly was a FUN wedding!

Venue: The Farms at Woodened Springs -Gorgeous!  They were the second wedding there!

Planner: As you wish -Ummmm… they are phenomenal!

Cocktail Hour music:  Drew 6 -Super nice and super talented!

Live Band:   Disco Dick and the Mirrorballs-  Can’t say enough good things! If you want to dance your pants off and enjoy great music everyone will love, THEY ARE YOUR BAND!

IMG_3439IMG_3412IMG_3435IMG_3502IMG_3549IMG_3593IMG_3612IMG_3628IMG_3665IMG_3734IMG_3558IMG_3772IMG_3941IMG_3943IMG_4033IMG_4055IMG_4098IMG_4100IMG_4103IMG_4107 (1)IMG_4108IMG_4114IMG_4115 (1)IMG_4116 (1)-2IMG_4121IMG_4127-2IMG_4145 (1)IMG_4147IMG_4154IMG_4155-2IMG_4182IMG_4188IMG_4220IMG_4223-2IMG_4251IMG_4257-2IMG_4277IMG_4281-2IMG_4331IMG_4411IMG_4425IMG_4427IMG_4434IMG_4440IMG_4738IMG_4480IMG_4684IMG_5029IMG_5033IMG_5049IMG_5318IMG_4900IMG_4855IMG_4868IMG_5043IMG_5045IMG_5462IMG_5459




Bye Family.

I had a wonderful session with this family.

Mason is sooo adorable, no joke!

Thank you all for allowing me to take your photos and watch him grow! IMG_1848IMG_1870IMG_1875IMG_1879IMG_1887IMG_1888IMG_1899IMG_1902IMG_1907IMG_1914IMG_1921IMG_1925IMG_1927IMG_1931IMG_1932IMG_1937IMG_1938IMG_1952IMG_1960IMG_1965IMG_1976IMG_1977IMG_1981IMG_1983IMG_1986IMG_1988IMG_1990IMG_1994IMG_1995IMG_1997IMG_1999IMG_2008IMG_2012IMG_2051IMG_2063IMG_2070IMG_2072IMG_2081IMG_2084IMG_2085IMG_2090IMG_2102IMG_2104IMG_2107IMG_2109IMG_2111IMG_2118IMG_2120IMG_2124IMG_2130IMG_2132


Joy. The name says it all.

I am enjoying my free time while my little princesses hopefully are snoozing,  and I’m doing what I love! which is editing photos!  You definitely love the work you are doing when you get lost in time doing it!  I could edit and take pictures of people until the cows came home, so I am blessed that people think I do an Ok-ish enough job to ask me to do what I love!!!!

Enough about me.  More about Joy.

The name really does say it all.  I pray people have at least one Joy in their lives (5 would be ideal 😉 ), she has the biggest and brightest smile, loves Jesus and truly cares about others around her.  Joy wants to be a nurse, and who better to care for you than someone with that kind of heart.  I can not believe she is a senior this year, and I wish her all the best, I know she is going to do great things, so keep a look out!


Here are a few of my favorites!